Sunday, December 07, 2014

Not Worth a Plugged Nickel

Just my nickel's worth

One Dollah!

One Thin Dime

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass was a beautiful but dangerous road that traversed the mountains north of  Danang.  It was a slow torturous road but provided great views back towards Danang and the South China Sea.  I drove this road in 1970-71, and again in 1999.  It was even worse in 1999.

Now there is a modern tunnel going under the mountains. Nice to see the Vietnamese making economic progress.

And they have the trains running.  Looks like it would be a nice trip.

Danang Airport Today

The airport was primitive during the Vietnam War Years  64 to 75.  

It looked the same in 1999 when I went back.  Nothing had been done to improve the airport or the country - there were no motor scooters or cars.  All the locals had to go through military checkpoints every mile or so. Most people were very poor.

Danang, the third largest city in Vietnam, was deadly quiet. 

But now the Vietnamese Communists have become capitalist roaders, following the example of China.  The place is booming.  

Great to see the economic development for this country that was so damaged by war and communism.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hill "220 not 327"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "220 not 327": 

DaNang ASRT-A was on Hill 220. I have tried to get the facts presented on this forum corrected. It was not on Hill 327. I spent most of my time in Viet Nam on 220. LAAMBS Batallion was on 327. I left Hill 220 on 12-18-1968. I was one of the lucky people who help clear all the perimeter, fill all the sandbags and build the stairs and wooden structures among other things. After 220 was over run Sgt. Johnson got his picture put in Leatherneck magazine holding the NVA flag. I have that picture and many more of the guys I served with.

God Bless them all.

Why don't you send us the NVA Flag photo and we will put it on this blog.
Danang ASRT on Hill 327 1970

The Danang ASRT was on top of Hill 327 when I was there in 1970-71.  The radios were also on the top of 327, remoted back to the 1st MarDiv CP.  
We also had ASRT's at Chu Lai, Ann Hoa, Quang Tri, and the Birmingham Fire Support Base.

The Ridge Running North from Hill 327,  1st MarDiv was located east and just below the ridge.

I know there has been confusion about what happened on which Hill - Hey, we are old guys now - and it will only get worse.  

Semper Fi

The map shows Hill 327 near the right just west of the airstrip.  I think Hill 220 was along the ridge between 327 and 364.  MASS-3 still had a few radios on the ridge that were backup if we lost the radios on Hill 327.  1st MarDiv was just east of the ridge.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marine OCS

The grandson of a friend of mine is in OCS.  You can follow their progress on line at the link below.

Women are very integrated into the Company. This photo is from their third week of training.  

Most officers come to OCS straight from college graduation.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Stand By, Stand By, Mark Mark

Close with and Destroy the Enemy through 

Fire and Maneuver 

and Bombs.

Stand By, Stand By, Mark Mark

Sunday, October 05, 2014

James Spencer Motor T Aug 68 to Aug 69

James Spencer august 68-august 69. Motor Transport at Chu Lai and detachment A at hilltop at Danang. 

I hate computers. 

Please call or leave message at 253-841-0508

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Charles Salles

I served with MASS-3 in 1970. 

I was with MASS 3 Motor Transport.  We were stationed at the bottom of the hill and supplied water to the hill.

LT. Mccormit was our motor transport officer; I moved around CPT. Dowen like me I suppose ASRTs officers move ever 30 days.  He would always want me to go with him so Chu Lai, DaNang,  fire suport base birmingham, run up to Quangtre, back to the good old hill . If you ever want to contact me 731 487 0402

Charles Salles <

Welcome to Charles Salles MASS-3

Another MASS-3 Marine has found us.  Charles Salles <> served in 1970. Updated roster below and in the left column of this blog.

“Billy Alford” <>,
"James Allen” <>,
"Tim Allen" <>,
“Mike Auge” <>,
“Fred Bender” <>,
“Will Brown” <>,
“William Buon-Videla” <>,
“Paul (Barney) Barnard” <>,
“Richard Choate” <>,
“Rick Cleland” <>,
"Daniel Cooper" <>,
“Denny Del Mauro” <>,
“Frank Falconieri” <>,
“Major Fulladosa” <>,
“Mike Gardner” <>,
“Jerry R. German” <>,
“Oliver Gour” <>,
“Paul Grimm” <>,
“Tom Hagan” <>,
“Terry L. Hammontree” <>
“Steve Helmuth” <>,
“Bill Henderson” <>,
“Craig Hullinger” <>,
“Dave Huncovsky” <>,
“Bud Kirkland” <>,
“Tom Knebes” <>,
“Eric Larsen” <>,
“Frank Lutje” <>,
“Charles Manazir” <>,
“Joseph Matusic” <>,
“George McAdoo” <>,
“Jeffrey Mead” <>,
“Don Nimmow” <>,
"Bernard Puglisi" <>,
“Thurman Parish” <>,
“Tenos Pete” <>,
“Tom Reid” <>,
“Mike Ribotto” <>,
Charles Salles <>
"Ray Sanford" <>,
“Ed Scott” <>
“Charles Smith” <>,
“John Seebold” <>,
“Richard Smith Smitty” <>,
“David Straub” <>,
“William C. Thompson” <>,
“John Tucker” <>,
“John Wetter” <>,
“Tom Wyman” <>,
“Gene Wisinski” <>,
“Bob Wood” <>,