MASS-3 Vietnam

MASS-3 Vietnam

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dennis Howland

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I was with MACS 7 and MASS 3, Chu Lai, Dong Ha in 66 and 67. I have AO related heart disease. Trying to locate Marines from that time, those units.


Welcome back to MASS-3.  Send us stories or photos and we will publish them here.

Dennis Howland, Are you Howie, big Marine from Iowa. I may recall you from Chu Lai in early '67. I may have AO info about the wire out and inside the perimeter at the MASS 3 area and all along it from Ky Ha Ville all the way to the 7th Comm. area.

 George McAdoo 

Friday, February 05, 2016

George McAdoo

Arrived Chu Lai 24 Dec. 66. Capt. Masitis (sp?), gave me and my sea bag a ride up the hill in his jeep in a pouring rain. Mess duty and guard duty then to the DASC.

Worked Operations Shawnee I and II at Camp Evans North of Phong Dien off Rt.1. Flew Airborne DASC mission in July,'67 out of Da Nang with Capt. Misitis. Robby Robinson and Lally, (sp?) and others. We were in Da Nang at MWHQ Group 18 area the night of the rocket attack on 15 July. 

Our C-130 took shrapnel through the wings and our mission was scrubbed. I was transferred to the Da Nang DASC in Aug,'67 and after 30 day extension leave, returned to Da Nang in time for Tet, "68. In March, '68 sent to Khe Sahn.

Then to LZ Stud after Khe Sahn was abandoned at the end of June. worked with Capt. Skip Fish, Capt. Noel Lt. Agro, Sgt. Vega Roger Brantly (RDB), Robbie Robinson, Mac McCormick, Sam Snowden, Harper, Cartney Ezyk, Mason, Ponticorvo, Nervy,(last 3 all Motor T) and Mike Arfa and many others.

I was medivaced with Hepatitis on 10 Aug, '68 from Cam Rahn Bay. 

Semper Fi.

George McAdoo has left a new comment on your post "MASS-3 Vietnam"


George McAdoo has left a new comment on "MASS-3 Vietnam":

E-mail me at And I need to change name from Mike to Cartney Ezyk, who I served with in Chu Lai and on Operations Shawnee I and II. Also, an interrogatory, I have seen scuttlebutt concerning issuance of a Combat Air Crew Medal to those of us who served with the Airborne DASC in July of 1967. Anyone with confirmation or information on how to pursue issuance of the award, please contact me at the above e-mail address. 

Semper Fi!

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Bernie Puglisi Video

Bernard Puglisi talks about flight training on a T-34 in the Marines during the Viet Nam war. At his office in Champaign on Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. Bernie was a Controller in the Danang Dasc in 1970.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year


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Travel More, 

Run Spiel Chek, 

Forgive and Forget

Happy New Year

Don't Fence Me In

This has nothing to do with MASS-3 but it is an interesting illustration and story about the Anzio Beachhead in Italy in WWII. The illustration was by Rudoph Charles von Ripper and text by my father, Clif Hullinger. My father received a battlefield Commission at Anzio.
"Sgt. Dan Harding who took over my platoon when I made First Sgt. had them laying concertina wire in front of an infantry position one night. They saw these two soldiers in a foxhole and moved the wire out to include them. Dan went over to them and asked them how it was going. They answered in German! "

"Turned out it was a German outpost with two very scared recruits in it. He promptly took them prisoner and the barbed wire line made a sharp bend at that point.The sketch was made for the Stars and Stripes in Italy in 1944 by Austrian born soldier-of-fortune, artist Rudoph Charles von Ripper. The sketch shows Sgt Harding of my platoon laying barb wire concertina at Anzio. Von Ripper drew this because the squad "fenced" in a German outpost before identifying them and capturing them. The wire took a sharp job at that point!"

Clifford Hullinger

Their unit fought all the way through Africa and Italy in WWII. More at: