MASS-3 Vietnam

MASS-3 Vietnam

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Marine Corps Birthday Celebrations


U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General Joseph Osterman, deputy commander, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) cuts a cake at the 241st Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Celebration on MacDill Air Force Base.

Formal commemoration of the birthday of the Marine Corps began on 10 November 1921. That particular date was chosen because on that day the Second Continental Congress resolved in 1775 to raise two battalions of Continental Marines.

Throughout the world on 10 November, U.S. Marines celebrate the birth of their Corps -- the most loyal, most feared, most revered, and most professional fighting force the world has ever known.

(Photos by Tom Gagnier)

Very nice Marine Corps Birthday celebration at MacDill Air Force Base put on by CentCom and SoCom at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa today.  They had a cake cutting ceremony at 10:00 am on Nov 9 for all the Marines. The Commandant's message is read, then they bring out the cake.  

Centcom (US Central Command) is a principle fighting Command of the US. They are in charge of Central Asia - Iraq and Afghanistan and surrounding areas. So the best and the brightest are here. It is commanded by a 4 Star - usually an Army or Marine General.

SoCom Special Operations Command. This is the Command of all the special forces - the Navy Seals, Delta Force, Marines Raiders, etc 

So the two top war fighting commands in the US are in Tampa. All the Marines from the two commands were there. Looking good. The Marines now wear their blue trousers with red stripe and the khaki shirt for formal occasions - short of the full dress blues.

The cake cutting ceremony cuts the cake with a sword, and involves giving the youngest and oldest Marines there a piece of cake. The oldest Marine was a retired guy working for Centcom - he was born in 1957.  Made me feel a bit old.

Semper Fi

Craig Hullinger, Marine

Another Birthday Celebration, this time in Sarasota on Nov 10, 2016.  Above, from right to left: Ron and Linda Wozniak, Craig Hullinger, Byron and Janet Hill.

The crowd was a bit older in Sarasota.  Woz and Craig were among the oldest Marines at CentCom. We were among the younger at Sarasota.

The oldest Marine was on Iwo Jima and was 96 years old. The youngest was 19.

Semper Fi

A father and son team at the Sarastoa Birthday event.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Joseph LoSchiavo - Writing a Book

Good to hear from you, Joe. I will put your email on the blog to see if any of the other guys know the answers to your question.

There was a Fire Base near Phu Bai called Birmingham.  We had an ASRT there and knew it well.  This might be the Fire Base you were at. I think if they brought you all the way to Danang they would have taken you directly to the hospital, but  who knows?

I don't know much else.  You probably should get the Unit Diaries of the Unit you were in.  They will tell you locations and some details about personnel. One of our members is an expert on getting the Unit Diaries - he can tell you how to do it.

You should also try to find Navy medical folks who served in Danang.  They should be able to tell you where they took people.  Good luck in your research and book.

No, LT (Col/ret), you don’t know me.

I’ll get right to it.

I arrived DaNang 0630 hrs 27 April 1969. I was at the R&R Center at the foot of 327 (Freedom Hill) when the dump(s) cooked off. Again, my first day. 1 hour into it.

I eventually was sent to Phu Bai where I was an aerial gunner (Aircrew) with HML-367 and HMH-462…

Back to DaNang. We were eventually evac’d by trucks from the bunker. I’d taken some shrapnel to my right knee and burns to my arm.

First, the 6X6 took us to one of the surrounding FSBs? Then took me to a kind of MASH (couldn’t tell you whose).

Eventually, I wound up on China Beach. With a million other guys…

I’m writing a book. If you could shed any light on where I went, where I was taken, the MASH, anything.

You were stationed in DaNang. My AO was up north, the Z; Thua Tien and Quang Tri. I don’t know DaNang; you do.

Help. And thanks. Semper Fi. Joe

Joseph LoSchiavo <>

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Vietnam War Home Movies Tien Sha & Da Nang 1969 ...
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Camp Reasoner March 2011 - YouTube
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Vietnam USMC War Dogs, 1st and 3rd MPBN, 1970-71 ...
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Vietnam USMC War Dogs, 1st and 3rd MPBN, 1970-71 ... base ofHill 327 which was taken and lost a few times ...

Take a ride through the 1st Mar Div Area Part 1 mpeg2video ...
Sep 4, 2009 - Part 1 of a 3 part ride through the old 1st Marine Division area around Hill 327. ... while serving with the 1st Mar Div while stationed in Da Nang.

Take a Ride to Camp Reasoner, Da Nang Vietnam ...
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Take a ride past Freedom Hill to Camp Reasoner. The old camp stone sign is still there as well as an EGA over ...

OV-1 Mohawk Danang Ammo Dump goes Up in Smoke ...
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OV-1 Mohawk The Danang AFB Ammo Dump blows up in 1969 OV-1 ... Take a Ride Through Da Nang ...

Tribute to General Lewis W. Walt, USMC. By Amanda Hill Witte
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I dedicate this video I made to my Husband Markus and his Mother Joy, in tribute to Joy's Father and Markus ...

Take a Ride to the 1st MAR DIV CGs Helicopter Pad ...
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... ride with us as we find General Wheeler's helicopter pad on Hill 327. ... Take a Ride Through Da Nang ...

Fire support bases in Vietnam - now and then - YouTube
Jan 11, 2015 - Uploaded by user2325156
Taking the car from Da Nang all the way to Phu Loc. visiting the AO of the 327 Infantry during the vietnam war ...

50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration ..

Interactive Map on Combat Bases in Vietnam

Click to see the interactive map

The map has some limitations and it is hard to find bases.  But still interesting.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Boxing on the Hill and China Beach

We  constructed a nice boxing ring on Hill 327 just below the Wire Shack and south of the E-5 and above Club in 1970. We had very large gloves but no one was using them.

To get something going I declared myself to be King of the Hill. A few guys fought me but I won (at least I think I won, maybe this is a result of me remembering it the way I want to remember it). VC Jones of the radio platoon was a good boxer but I was a lot bigger and was able to handle him. At least that is the way I remember it - VC, if you are out there let us know how you remember it.

We had a squadron party at China Beach in 1970. The Squadron Members got Cpl Kyker and myself to fight. Kyker was a lot bigger than me and a tough guy. I knocked him down once but he knocked me down twice. But on the way back Major Hickok stated that I won. Lt Warvel commented that I was nuts to fight him, and he was probably right.

I had a photo of Kyker ready to blast me with my arms up in a wimpy manner but have lost the photo. If anyone has photos of boxing on the Hill or Beach please send them and I will post them here.

Semper Fi