Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rodney Lindsey

I was there on hill 220 with Pavano and Sgt Johnson, Gunny Sgt r.s.yale.  I took down the nva flag and captured a nva officer with the help of Sgt. Johnson. I was awarded the bronze star w/ combat V my name is Pvt. Rodney Lindsey. would very much like to here from Pavano I have many pictures of the group who retook the Hill on Feb. 23, 1969. my e-mail is

semper fi and ooh rah

Rodney Lindsey

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Views From Helicopters

Huey helo, and explosion.  I don't know who the ghost Marine is or how he got there.  Anyone know him?  Pretty sure I took the photo

Hill 327

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MASS-3 Marine Ron Leon and the SB-86 Switchboard

Craig Hullinger left, Dirk Hopkins? right, SB 86 Switchboard

MASS-3 Marine Ron Leon from the Wire Section, Comm Platoon from 1970 has found us.  Say hello to Leon.  Ron Leon <>

I am reminded of a story.  Our switchboard was a big old SB-86 with stacked SB-22's on top - photo above.

Leon asked me if I would watch the switchboard while he went to get the mail. 

"Sure", I said, "show me how to do it." He showed me and took off.

I handled the first call ok. But then I got confused as more calls came in.  I was disconnecting calls, and ringing back into peoples ears, and in general screwing it up.

The board was totally lighted up when Leon came back. This was not good.

 "Lieutenant, what did you do?" cried Leon.

"I screwed it up", I said, "Fix it!" and went back to my office.

The CO, the XO, and the S-3 all called me within minutes.  "Who the hell is the idiot you have on the switchboard? He is terrible!"

"It was a new man, Sir,"  I said. "We will never put that idiot back on the board.

"Oh", they said. I think they felt a little bad about how I must have chewed out the poor idiot.

     ...............    I never put that idiot back on the switchboard.

Hill 327 Danang 1970-71 at LZ BA Puglisi

The blast wall protects the office buildings from the helo rotor wash.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Danang Intercontinental

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Jim Nelson

3537usmc has left a new comment on your post "Welcome to Charles Salles MASS-3": 

Jim Nelson

I too served with MASS-3 from Feb 22, 1970 to Feb 8, 1971. I remember Lt. Mccormit. I was MASS-3 Motor T also. Sgt Shetler was the NCOIC/Truckmaster. We were billeted in the MACG-18, H&S-18 compound where the motor pool was.

Major Fulladosa promoted me to Sgt. I enjoyed all the memory lane pic's. My contact telephone is (970) 515-6429, email

Sempers Jim


Welcome back to MASS-3. Send us your email address so we can add you to the recall roster.

Semper Fi


Hi Craig

Lt. Mccormit was the MTO and Sgt Shetler was MT NCOIC. The photo above is me and the Lt. do you recognize him?  

MASS-3 supply was augmented with H&MS-18 MACG-18. One of our supply guy's was LCpl Armondo Alejandre was a Cuban citizen. He was murdered by Fidel Castro. Castro ordered his MIG's to shoot down his unarmed Cessna in 1996. Here's a link that explains with a bio.

I thought that it might interest you since he was with MASS-3 when we were. I scanned a photo of him and attached below. I will digitize it this week.

I'm retired now and live in Greeley Colorado my telephone number is (970) 515-6429.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Not Worth a Plugged Nickel

Just my nickel's worth

One Dollah!

One Thin Dime

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass was a beautiful but dangerous road that traversed the mountains north of  Danang.  It was a slow torturous road but provided great views back towards Danang and the South China Sea.  I drove this road in 1970-71, and again in 1999.  It was even worse in 1999.

Now there is a modern tunnel going under the mountains. Nice to see the Vietnamese making economic progress.

And they have the trains running.  Looks like it would be a nice trip.

Danang Airport Today

The airport was primitive during the Vietnam War Years  64 to 75.  

It looked the same in 1999 when I went back.  Nothing had been done to improve the airport or the country - there were no motor scooters or cars.  All the locals had to go through military checkpoints every mile or so. Most people were very poor.

Danang, the third largest city in Vietnam, was deadly quiet. 

But now the Vietnamese Communists have become capitalist roaders, following the example of China.  The place is booming.  

Great to see the economic development for this country that was so damaged by war and communism.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hill "220 not 327"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "220 not 327": 

DaNang ASRT-A was on Hill 220. I have tried to get the facts presented on this forum corrected. It was not on Hill 327. I spent most of my time in Viet Nam on 220. LAAMBS Batallion was on 327. I left Hill 220 on 12-18-1968. I was one of the lucky people who help clear all the perimeter, fill all the sandbags and build the stairs and wooden structures among other things. After 220 was over run Sgt. Johnson got his picture put in Leatherneck magazine holding the NVA flag. I have that picture and many more of the guys I served with.

God Bless them all.

Why don't you send us the NVA Flag photo and we will put it on this blog.
Danang ASRT on Hill 327 1970

The Danang ASRT was on top of Hill 327 when I was there in 1970-71.  The radios were also on the top of 327, remoted back to the 1st MarDiv CP.  
We also had ASRT's at Chu Lai, Ann Hoa, Quang Tri, and the Birmingham Fire Support Base.

The Ridge Running North from Hill 327,  1st MarDiv was located east and just below the ridge.

I know there has been confusion about what happened on which Hill - Hey, we are old guys now - and it will only get worse.  

Semper Fi

The map shows Hill 327 near the right just west of the airstrip.  I think Hill 220 was along the ridge between 327 and 364.  MASS-3 still had a few radios on the ridge that were backup if we lost the radios on Hill 327.  1st MarDiv was just east of the ridge.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marine OCS

The grandson of a friend of mine is in OCS.  You can follow their progress on line at the link below.

Women are very integrated into the Company. This photo is from their third week of training.  

Most officers come to OCS straight from college graduation.